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Game Ideas | Video Game Design | Game Development & Programming
Game Design at Full Sail University
When you graduate from the Game Art & Design program, you will have the training and skills you need to compete for jobs in the game industry." Request More Info

Game Ideas

Every gamer has one time in his or her life come up with an idea for a new video game. Our game idea section is the biggest collection of video game ideas in the world submitted by gamers. Our game idea database has thousands of game ideas in many different categories.
Game Ideas

Game Design Software

If you don’t want to program your games from scratch, there are plenty of programs and editors out there that can be of help. We have put together this list of programs, making it easier to find the program that is right for your game projects.
Game Design Software

Game Design Colleges

There are now many schools and colleges that have game design courses. More and more game companies will demand that you have some sort of degree related to game production. We have made a list of some of the schools that offers an education within game production.
Game Design Colleges

Game Design Books and Game Programming Books

There are plenty of good tutorials and articles about game design freely available on the internet, but nothing beats a good book. Investing in a few good books on the subject is going to be amongst the best investment you ever make. There are tons of great books written on game design and game production.
Game Design Books and Game Programming Books

Game Design Jobs

Many gamers dream about getting a job in the game industry, working with the production of new games. But what types of jobs are there, and what do they require? We have made list of the most common jobs that exists and written a few words explaining a little bit about each.
Game Design Jobs

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Game Discovery is a unique gamesite divided into four main sections, covering Game Ideas, Game Development, Game News & Reviews and Game Cheats. Your current location is the GD portal, a news portal running all the latest happenings from these four sections.
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