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Free DVD RentalsLooking for free DVD Rentals? Well you can’t rent DVD movies for free for ever but we show you how you can rent movies for free at least for a little while. Online DVD rentals have really exploded the last couple of years, and it is not hard to understand why. The way this type of service work is that you after you have signed up for a membership you get access to your own personal page where you can easily select the DVD movies you wish to rent. The DVDs get shipped to you for free and you can keep them for as long as you want. When you have seen the movie you just ship it back for free in the envelope you got with the movie, and the next movie on your list will arrive within a few days. You can rent as many movies you want each month for a small monthly membership fee. Some companies offer a free trial period so we have made a list of the DVD rentals that offer free memberships. If you don’t want to pay the small monthly fees just cancel your membership and sign up for a free membership at the next company :). At least you then get to rent free DVDs for a little while.

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Click here to rent DVD movies for free for a whole month through the Netflix program

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