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The Torque Game Engine (TGE) is for the more advanced game designers. The 3d game engine features multi-player network code, state of the art skeletal animation, seamless indoor/outdoor rendering engines, drag-and-drop GUI creation, a C-like scripting language and a built in world editor. A great thing with The Torque Game Engine is that you will receive all C++ source code to the engine, this makes it a lot easier to add any extra additions you might need for your game.

Torque is a complete cross platform gaming solution which greatly increases your money making ability without additional development costs. Create your product on the PC, then port to Mac or Linux within hours. To further reduce development costs, support of Open Source and free tools are at the heart of the Torque development philosophy. For instance, Quark is the preferred level and building development solution.

The Torque 3d Game Engine started life as the technology behind Dynamix/Sierra/Vivendi´s products Tribes, Starsiege, and Tribes 2, and is an industry proven engine. It is currently being used by thousands of developers around the world with shipping titles such as Marble Blast, Orbz, Think Tanks, Tennis Critters, and the upcoming mecha game, Lore.

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