Game Designer

A larger game project often has several game designers. You have the lead designer who supervises the overall design of the game, and 1 or 2 game designers who work on more specific tasks. As a game designer you are responsible for wring the design documents for the game, and than making sure that the programmers and everybody else who works on the game follows the design document. People who work as game designers often are and should be innovative and creative people and they must have a good understanding of how the game biz works. You must also have good people skills if you plan to make a career as a game designer. Motivating other people on your team and getting the programmers to understand why they need to work 10 hours overtime just to make the main character’s hair sway in the wind is also part of your job. This is a very demanding job and therefore years of experience in the game industry is often required. Knowing some basic programming and being familiar with 3D modeling software like 3D Studio is desirable.

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Game Designer


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