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This is where many people make their entry into the industry. There are also many myths surrounding this job. Being a game tester involves a lot more than playing games. And it is not all fun. Game testers play unfinished versions of games with tons of bugs in them. Games that are in such early stage of development are very little fun anf mostly frustrating to play. Every bug and error that you find needs to be written down and documented so that the programmers can sort it out. A good game tester is the programmer’s worst nightmare. A good game tester finds those bugs that nobody else will ever find, or almost nobody. You will be surprised to know how much weird stuff some people out there put their games through. The game testers’ job is to find those bugs before the game is released and to make sure that the programmers fix those bugs. Many game tester don’t work full time, they are often called in when the production reach is final stage. Again, this is a great job for a person who wants to get into the game biz. Many people have worked their way up from game testing to a getting a position on the design team.

If you are serious about starting a career in the game biz, we highly recommend that you check out what educational opportunities you have available. A good start is to contact schools and colleges offering game design programs. To make this process a bit easier we have partnered up with some of the leading schools and colleges. By filling out a short online form for each school you will receive a free package with more info about taking a degree in game design and digital game production. Just click on the schools/colleges below to request the free info package.

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