Make Your Own RPG Game With Explorations RPG Game Engine

Explorations RPG Game Engine is a powerful role playing game engine that lets your make your own RPG game. It has a 32bit game engine with a complex database design to describe objects and characters within any game world. The powerful drag drop map interface makes it easy to create professional looking RPG games.

Graphics Support

16bit Graphics support
640x480 to 1200x1024 resolution support
Dynamic Dithering
Database Controlled Copy Methods
Adjust tile shading & blending manually
Three tile palettes for Terrain, Structures, & Objects

Media Support
Import standand .BMP images to create compressed .CHR, or .GFX files
Plays standard .WAV, & .MID files
AVI, MPG, & MPEG support through Media Plugin
Detects FMOD.DLL if present for FMOD support

Engine & Editor Features
NEW! Project Debugger & Spell Checker
NEW! Data Secure!
NEW! Online Update!
100% Database Design for maximum customization
Importable & Exportable Databases Objects
Importable & Exportable MapGroup Objects
Importable & Exportable Map Scripts
Importable & Exportable PC/NPC Sprites
Importable & Exportable Maps & Scenarios
DATA-Library to Module based design for reusable content
Real-Time, Turn-Based, & Phase-Based gameplay
Drag & Drop Map Editor with preview
Supports 16x16, 32x32, 48x48, & 64x64 tile sizes
Single & Multi-Layered Sprites
Fully Animated Sprites with idle ability
Unlimited Virtual Layering Map Design with full UNDO capability & Manual ZOrder control
NPC's & RndNPC database development
A.I. real-time combat engine
Path finding
Weather effects
Projectile Animation engine (Particle System)
Auto-Dungeon Maker
Let Explorations create dynamic conversations with the Personality Generator
Create Custom/Sharable Static & Animation MapObjects with easy to use Interface
Import FULL Map renders to any MapLayer
Every game automatically plays via Network or Internet!
Support for Reiner Tiles & Sprites

Scripting Support
Event Based Script design
Point-Click script editor
A.I. style Scripting functions
Synchronous & Asynchronous Script execution
Global & Time based script support
Syntax Highlighting

Support Tools
Terrain Maker
3dObject Maker
PicClip Maker

Download Explorations RPG Game Engine

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