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Game Design SchoolThe Academy of Game Entertainment Technology
Working together with developers and game and game publishers AGET is dedicated to producing highly prepared professionals to enter the game industry. AGET can offer their students several game design related programs to choose form. You can be a full time student taking many courses within the same quarter, or you can take them individually.

Game Design and Production

A great course if you plan on becoming a game designer. You will learn about the whole process of game production from a designer’s point of view. The program is great for people who already have game idea that they want to set in production.

Game Programming

This course will prepare you for a job as a professional game programmer. You should have a basic interest in general programming before taking this certificate. The program includes subjects like artificial intelligence, shader design and online network replication.

Level Design

Will train students in environmental modeling, using software and tools commonly used by many big game companies. A great thing about this course is that you will graduate with a portfolio of playable demos. Having a good portfolio is important when you apply for a job as level designer.


Learn how to animate game characters. Character animation is a very important part of most games. The great thing about AGET’s Animation certificate program is that students will be able to see their animated characters come to life in a real project developed on the campus.

QA Testing

A very important part of the production of a new game is testing the game for bugs and making sure everything works the way it should. There are plenty of examples of potentially great games that where ruined by bugs in the code that should have been noticed by the game testers. At this program you can learn about the important stages of game testing, and is highly recommended to anyone who is planning to work at an executive level.

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