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At The Digital Animation Production (DAP) you can obtain an associate or bachelor's degree in Multimedia with a major in game design. As a student at DAP you will get access to state-of-the-art hardware and software, and professional instructors who have worked many years in the game industry. A lot of the time will be spent working with other students on projects. Students will work on group projects creating their own games during the school year. When you leave DAP you will do so with a valuable portfolio including playable game demos. There are also game development groups on campus that you can participate in, discussing and exchanging ideas with other students.

You Leave The Digital Animation Production With:

• credit for 3-4 game projects
• team participation experience
• an understanding of industry practices and toolsets
• analysis skills for examining and play testing games
• a deep understanding of all aspects of game design, programming and art
• valuable knowledge of the business aspects of the game industry
• ability to implement the concepts of game AI
• one complete game design document
• one complete level design (minimum)
• one complete character profile
• participation in two game modification projects
• familiarity with 3D modeling and animation tools
• a complete portfolio
• experience with Shockwave/Director games
• experience with real-world game design/creation toolsets
• understanding of the history and evolution of game design and technology

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