Game Design Degree

Game Design School Are you dreaming about being part of a development team and work on games like Halo, Half Life or maybe the next Final Fantasy? Some people are turning this dream into reality by taking a degree in game design. A Game Design Degree will prepare you for a challenging job in the game industry. More and more schools offers bachelor's degrees in game design so we have put them all together on one page making it easy to request information from each school. A game design degree will teach you how to develop console and computer games. You will learn about all the phases of game production from writing a design document to the marketing of a complete product. The schools have classroom instructors who have worked in the video game industry to help you achieve the best possible education. A Game Design Degree will give you a deep understanding of all aspects of the game production and the tools to create the next generation of games.

Click here for a list of schools where you can take a degree in game design

DeVry University
Westwood (online)
Daniel Webster College
The Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online Division
Academy of Art University
Digital Media Arts College
Vancouver Institute
Advancing Technology, University of
The School of Communication Arts
Brooks College
The Guildhall at SMU
iD Tech Camps
Al Collins College
Full Sail
The Game Institute
Online Computer Schools
American Sentinel University

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Game Design Degree
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