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Game Design School You can now take an education in game design through Westwood’s online program. If you are working towards a career in the game industry but don’t have any campuses nearby that offers any educational programs in game design or game software development, taking your game design degree online might be the best choice. Westwood’s online program is well known for its high level of quality, it also cost less than taking the degree on campus so for many this is the better option. A fresh report that came out in 2005 shows that the game industry is growing so fast that there is a lack of people who have an education specialized towards the production of video games. Today many game companies are forced to educated their new employees themselves, as most of them only have a general IT degree and therefore need to be schooled in the many areas that are important when developing games before they can start to work. With a degree in game design or game software development from Westwood you will make yourself more attractive to the game companies. If you want to learn more about this online program from Westwood, just fill out this short online form and they will send you a free informational package with everything you need to know about taking a degree online in game design. Learn more about this program by requesting a free information package from Westwood College.

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