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Game Design SchoolThe Guildhall at SMU
If you dream about a career in digital game development, joint the Guildhall digital game development program and study game design at SMU. The Hart eCenter at SMU was established to foster education, research, and innovation at the intersection of traditional disciplines. The Guildhall at SMU, born in the Fall of 2002, is the first major manifestation of the Hart eCenter's mission.

The Guildhall, nurtured in the multidisciplinary, business-focused Hart eCenter at SMU, realizes the vision of legendary game developers who first conceived of a world premiere school for game developers. The result is a program which crosses traditional lines and combines art, software development, team dynamics, business process, game history, mathematics, physics, story-telling, and level design — elements of the 21st century's first new academic discipline.

The Guildhall is a place, a faculty, a curriculum, a student body, and a vision—shared by experienced game developers, industry leaders, academics, and aspiring professionals.

The Guildhall at SMU is the first multidisciplinary certificate program in a major university designed specifically for digital game developers by leaders in the digital games industry. It consists of three areas of specialization:

Art Creation Specialization Description

Art is an important force behind the success of digital games. The Art Creation specialization prepares you to create 2D and 3D artwork and animation for digital games. You'll complete individual and team assignments to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to create characters, models, textures, animation, and environmental art for games. You'll learn to use a variety of tools to create game art, including Photoshop and 3DS Max.

Level Design Specialization Description

Great games intrigue, excite, and engage the players. Level design makes that happen through an intricate mix of creativity, knowledge, and skill. The Level Design specialization prepares participants to design levels and missions for digital games. Participants complete individual and team assignments to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to develop gameplay strategies and environments. Students gain proficiency using a variety of tools, including graphics and level-editing software.

Software Development Specialization Description

Underneath the art and level design are the game engine, code, scripting, and custom AI that make it possible to realize the vision for the game. The Software Development specialization prepares students to design, develop, document, and implement software for digital games. Participants complete individual and team assignments to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to produce 2D and 3D game code, including data structures, scripting, AI, and physics programming for digital games. Students gain proficiency using a variety of software development tools.

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