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Because of much trouble lately with our data base, we have decided to rewrite the whole script. In fact we have decided to rewrite the whole website. The bad news is that the game idea submission as well as the option to comment on other member's game ideas will be closed for some time. The good news is that the new Game Discovery website will be a big improvement over the one you see today. We also have another big surprise in the horizon so don't go too far.

How would you like to make games for a living?

Do you dream about making tomorrows video games? Do you want to turn that dream into reality? A degree in digital game development will prepare you for a career in the game industry and help you get the job your want. We have put together a list of schools that offers courses in game design and other courses related to game production. You can easily request a free information package that will be sent to you from each school by filling out a short online form. Getting your hands on the right information is important when choosing a school.

List of Video Game Design Schools

See you soon,

Vegard Aure
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