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Game Info
Sled Storm
EA Sports
Electronic Arts
Sled Storm
By: Glitch Override

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When I first saw this game I thought of a game for PSX that came out a while back called Sled Storm. Well this game blows it out of the snow. The older Sled Storm was poorly made and unfinished, if anyone out there ever played it.

This on the other hand is sledding perfection. If they would have went for a more realistic look for the game then it would be perfection. This is overseen though seeing who made it.

When you first start playing pay attention to the backgrounds and you will notice that they are very close to that of SSX. This is the first similarity, secondly there is the handling of the vehicle that is similar in the fact that is does not follow directly behind that sled like that in SSX. In this if you like SSX and snow you gonna love this game too. I really like the fact that they addend a sense of arcade style play by adding the boosts bonuses. This plus the mad tricks are very worth a purchase.

Next to the levels. They are very large with lots of short cuts and twist. This is needed sense the game is fast paced and the fact when you hit the boost your gone in a blur. The short cuts are very needed but at times it gives you a very unfair advantage to other players in the multiplayer section. The music needs improvement maybe to top names in the industry would help *cough* linkin park *cough*.

The coolest extra in the game is the co-announcer voice. Has anyone here seen Hackers the movie, Scream, and upcoming Scooby Doo. Thats right its that one funny ass dude, name slips my mind at the time you know who I'm talking about. He gives really cool and funny commentary within the game before each race. Listen for him.

The only down side to this over all great game is the very limited number of riders(3) and vihicles(1 per racer) at the start of the game. Play though a little and earn some mad points by doing a large number tricks at your disposal. These are used to get the new riders and sleds. Watch for the short cuts to get first place this will be needed to advance to new tracks. All and all, this game is very worth your time if be a racing gamer or other. : Playstation 2 : Sled Storm
Review : Racing

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