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Game Info
Wild Wild Racing
Rage Software
Wild Wild Racing
By: ZeroTolerance

Learn Game Programming
DeVry's Game and Simulation Programming curriculum will prepare you for taking on various development roles in the game industry.
Game Art & Design Degree
Westwoods’s game art & design program will teach you everything you will need to know before you apply for a job in the game industry.

It seems as time passes I am not getting any new PS2 games to play and this is frustrating to a hardcore like myself.

I have finished SSX, Madden is Madden ya know what I mean. 30 hours on DOA2 Hardcore is a touch much, and my Fantavision habit is finally under control. What does that leave me with? Top Gear Daredevil...OH HELL NO! So I finally picked up one of the underrated and now under-priced launch titles Wild Wild Racing. Needless to say it was worth my 30 bones.

Visually this game is Dreamcast quality. Good textures, great resolution, and a rock solid frame rate. No it doesn't have the detail of say Madden or SSX, but it looks damn good! I love the tracks and the weather effects are gorgeous, this is one game I gotta give props too, it looks good.

This game absolutely, positively fucking ROCKS on a surround sound system. Especially when the thunder roars and the rain is hitting the ground behind you. Man the sound team on this game has done an amazing job here. The music is also kicking, with fast paced bass pounding techno beats to keep the game flowing I am mucho impressed!

This is where the game gets a little sticky. The control is a little tight, actually extremely tight. It will take even a rabid racing fan a while to pick it up and master. I gotta admit though it enhances this style of game with having a high learning curve on the control.

You will only purchase this game if you are hardcore like me and have grown tired of most PS2 games on the shelf right now. This is one game that in two years people will say "Man that was a good game, wonder why they never made another one?" Oh well it is mostly because most people will overlook it as what it appears to be. Another sour PS2 game among the rest, which it is truly not : Playstation 2 : Wild Wild Racing
Review : Racing

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