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Game Info
Yanya Caballista
City Skater review
Yanya Caballista City Skater
By: Trippy Liquid

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Yanya Caballista is a nextgen cell shaded skateboarding game that'll have you sayin Tony who?

Ever since Jet Grind Radio came out for the Dreamcast I've been a great fan of cell shading type video games. They are just what the doctor ordered for that comic book look. And now with the new, more powerful gaming consoles hitting the market place, its a wonder how good these games will start to look.

Lets start off with one of my favorite innovations in gaming development...cell shading. The graphics in this game put you right inside a comic book. Yanya comes packed with classic comic book feeling backgrounds and characters. From the wavy buildings to the wacky hair and outfits of the characters, this games got the eye candy! Not to mention the absolute flawless animations and overall flow the graphics engine is able to pump out! The physics are absolutely you god-like powers one second and then shoving you back to reality in another(just like you average spiderman comic book). The moves are sweet and the characters look just too good at times. Overall the graphics are amazing!

Ok, it looks like a comic book...but what does it sound like? Well, I must say, if I came up with what a comic book would sound like...then this is it! Yanya keeps you in that comic book feel with some of the most interesting background music and effects heard in a video game yet. Granted its not your hardcore punk/alternative sound track that Tony Hawk boasts, but it does have some good tunes to keep you jammin on that board! Overall sound is pretty good but some may find the comic book sound a little childish.

Well, the graphics are great and the sound is good...but what about gameplay? Can Yanya hold its own against the other mighty powerhouses of skateboarding arcade play? And the answer is yes! Yanya Caballista has the most innovative and inspiring control system ever seen on a console! Yanya uses the full capability and imagination that the Playstation 2 dual shock controller can dish out! The controls are simply yet thought provoking. The game comes with a small fingure board that fits over your two analog pads on the dual shock2. You then turn the controller sideways and use the fingure board as your skateboard! Its awsome! Slam down on the back of the board and your character ollies. Turn the board in the air and your character spins. Hit the back of the board again in the air and you've got yourself a kickflip! The controls in this game are lots of fun! All be it that the storyline is somewhat odd, the game's got tons of fun factor!

Great graphics, good sound, and a kick ass control system all lead up to one thing...a great game! Yanya Caballista Featuring Gawoo is one of the most innovative and inpiring games ever to hit a console. With comic book graphics and sound, this game is able to give you an experience never before possible. If you liked Jet Grind Radio, then this is a game that you would love! Its got all the Hardcore elements that will keep you coming back for more! Please o Please Koie,release this game in the US and Europe! The rest of the world is missing out!!! If you've got a Jap PS2 then you've gotta get this game in your hands! No questions asked...this game is just pure fun! This is Trippyliquid...trippin out! : Playstation 2 : Yanya Caballista
Review : Sport

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