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Game Info
Combat Evolved review
Bungie Software
Halo: Combat Evolved
By: ZeroTolerance

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This game is a must own, even if it was another console such as the Jaguar!

Yeah baby as the time draws closer and closer to the launch of the might box the games keep pouring in and we here at ZTGD wanna try and give you the heads up before you go out and spend all that hard earned cash on the next generation of videogames! Our first two reviews gave you some insight into two of the lesser known titles for launch now we bring you the granddaddy of them all Halo! It is time to sit back, relax and get your game on!

First let me start off by saying that the XBox is by far one of the most powerful, if not THE MOST powerful system I have ever seen. The amount of textures and bump mapping is incredible not to mention the vertex and pixel shading that this monster can pull off! Halo is no exception, it really takes advantage of what the XBox can do. The frame rate never suffers and the environments are absolutely amazing. The amount of detail in this game is uncanny. For instance if you look down at the grass you can actually see each blade of grass, and you feel like their are bugs in there somewhere...creepy!

The visuals are not the only impressive thing about Halo, the sound is downright astounding. From the brilliant soundtrack to the life-like sound effects this game packs an audio punch no other game has delivered in years. The dynamic score makes you feel as if you are truly on Halo and the effects are almost eerie in 5.1 Dolby Digital!

The story behind Halo is that you are the last of your kind, an elite military unit sent to Halo to uncover the mysteries it hold within. The only problem is that you are not the only one after this technology. There are also a race of aliens known as the Covenant trying to discover it as well. The race is on to uncover the mysteries of Halo, are you up for the challenge???

The control scheme in Halo is also phenomenal. If you are familiar with Red Faction and Timesplitters you will be right at home with the XBox controller on this title. Moving with one stick and aiming with the other, also pressing the stick in allows for ducking and the other stick is used for secondary weapon options. The triggers are for you fire and your grenades. This game packs a helluva punch in every department.

So is this the game we have all been waiting for all this time? In five words I can say, "You better fucking believe it!" This is the reason to buy an XBox (well this and DOA3 haha) so grab your gear (an XBox and a copy of Halo that is) and let's get this part started quickly! : Xbox : Halo
Review : Action

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