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Game Info
Rallisport Challenge
Digital Illusions
Rallisport Challenge
By: ZeroTolerance

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Rally racing in it's finest hour, makes me squeak with happiness!

Well there all comes a time in a man's life when he has to sit back and kick up some dirt well the time is now and the place is the Xbox console. Rallisport Challenge is the newest off road racing game that really pushes the graphical envelope and makes you proud to be a gamer. It also adds enough flare to make it a worthy opponent in the overcrowded genre called racing games. Is it worth the purchase only you can decide!

Visually the game is jaw dropping, if you have seen Project Gotham then you know what to expect from Xbox racing games. The reflections on the car are stunningly realistic, that is because they are real due to the great reflection mapping the Xbox can achieve. Also the car models take damage which makes the race seem more realistic, the only complaint I have is that the damage does not effect the race and you can continue on, also the damage is quite limited. The tracks can seem to get a bit repetitive but after you advance to another section of tracks they all seem fresh again!

The sound is also awesome, custom soundtracks, how many times can I stress that these are a MUST HAVE in a game. You simply have to have your own music for certain games, and if not always then perhaps sometimes. Imagine playing through some of your old games jamming to some of today's tunes, how cool would that be?!? The announcer is also very realistic, he knows the tracks better than you probably ever will. He will tell you if there is gravel on the next turn to be aware of he is that good!

The game plays better than any other rally game in recent memory. The controls are tight and very responsive as well as remaining very realistic. This is a feat only matched by the greats such as GT3 (Rally Mode) and Sega Rally 1&2. This game is the next Rally Champion and it is really awesome considering it is a first gen XBox title.

In the end I can highly suggest putting this game on your want list this spring as you will love playing it over and over again. Also if you enjoy racing games of any kind this is your treat for the year a game that seems old and tired but in fact is just as much fun to play as it is to look at! Highly suggested and for non-racing fans at least give it a whirl at the local EB! : Xbox : Rallisport Challenge
Review : Racing

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