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Game Info
Smashing Drive
Smashing Drive
By: ZeroTolerance

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Now don't get me wrong I love my Gamecube just as much as the next man. The problem is there are just not any games and the greats won't be here until later this year ARGH!

Until then I have to suffice with garbage like this masterpiece. Smashing Drive is not necessarily a bad game it just for the most part and I am going to explain why can ya dig it?

First let's start with the visual aspect of this title. It looks like a Playstation game and that is pathetic! Sure the frame rate is rock solid and the visuals are crisp but the detail and level design are pure crap. The game reminds me of Crazy Taxi but without the crazy aspect. Bland, unoriginal and just plain ugly is all I can say.

Now we get to the sounds, whew this was a joke obviously. The music is repetitive and sounds like it was written by a blind mule with a broken keyboard. The sound effects remind me of the old NES days when blips and bleeps were standard. This game is a joke in a DVD case that went terribly wrong, perhaps it was an early April Fools joke, at least I hope so.

The game play is semi Crazy Taxi and semi ass. That is my best description, the car seems floaty and the collision detection is terrible. Making sharp turns is a joke and just controlling the car in general is like masturbating while your hand is asleep, it just doesn't feel right! If ever there was a game that made me upset I bought a Gamecube this would be the one.

I wish there was a saving point to at least warrant a rental but alas this game falls short in every category I can throw at it. In other words avoid this game at all costs. Even if your Gamecube is collecting dust behind the old N64 leave this game on the shelf, it is not worth the humiliation when you tell your friends.."Hey I just bought Smashing Drive!" then one of them kicks your ass for being stupid. Another bad game thrown down only at ZTGD! : GameCube : Smashing Drive
Review : Racing

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