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Game Info
Ape Escape 2001
Sony Computer Entertainment
Sony Computer Entertainment
Ape Escape 2001
By: Kaiokenattack

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"Give me back my pants!" This is exactly what all the little apes in Ape Escape 2001 must be saying. So do you want to know more? Well let me give you the low down on this extremely wacky, fun game.

Ape Escape 2001 has a very simple premise. You go around with a giant vacuum cleaner and suck up all the little apes' pants!! Then you have to take the pants to this giant washing machine to have them washed and tallied. And you have to do it in a given time limit to get a good ranking. So you think the little apes are just going to LET you have their pants? HELL NO! They will fight you to the death. And some of those damn dirty apes are a pain in the butt to catch.

The graphics in the game are very simplistic and first-generation. They look very similar to the original Playstation version, but this isn't a bad thing I guess. The cartoony look and feel has been perfectly retained. The characters are cute and cuddly and you'd SWEAR that they took some characters straight out of a Nintendo franchise. And it's all brought to you in 128 bits of greatness. yay.

The game controls very smoothly. The analog control stick works wonders and the game never drops a second. I don't like how sometimes you can't lock onto apes and suck them in when you're pointing RIGHT AT THEM. And you also have to time the double jump PERFECTLY.

All in all, the game seems to have one thing you do the entire time: steal pants. That's all you do, is steal pants and wash them. Yeah this is fun for a while, and you might start squirting milk out of your nose from laughing so hard. (that is, if you're drinking milk at the time) I remember in the original Ape Escape you did tons of things, like use a remote control car, paddle a boat, a propeller, and other things. The game seems to be rid of all those unique fun things that made Ape Escape a great game to play. The only replay value in the game seems to be different paths you can take and trying to top your previous time in stealing pants. I feel that the programmers of the first one either a.) got somewhat lazy, or b.) this is a part of the original Ape Escape that they could never integrate into it. The game is good for a rent, that is if it ever comes out over here. If you can get beyond its super-cutesy nature, its a really fun easy game that can be enjoyed for a few days. It doesn't really push the PS2's power, but I haven't seen many games these days that have. This is Kaiokenattack saying GIVE ME BACK MY PANTS! : Playstation 2 : Ape Escape 2001
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