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Game Info
Eve Of Extinction
Eidos Interactive
Eve Of Extinction
By: ZeroTolerance

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Just when I thought my PS2 was going into a slump this game drops into my hands and I am tempted to pop it in the old PS2 to see what is up.

Since no one seems to have realized that this game was released I figured what better way to celebrate a Sunday review than by reviewing a game that no one else has yet to cover. So for all the fans of ZTGD here is the lowdown on Yukes' newest creation Eve of Extinction.
Graphically the game is very nice, dynamic lighting and smooth frame rate are common in this fast paced game. The character models are nice but their animation could have used some work. In between the action you are presented with in game cut scenes that progress the storyline. Sometimes they seem well staged and other times they seem half assed. I guess two out of three ain't bad eh?

Now to discuss the story, well if you can follow this in text you are a better man than I. The story revolves around two main characters. You play the role of Josh Calloway, an employee of Wisdom who is the company developing the Bio Weapon "Legacy". Josh eventually finds out of Wisdoms plot to use "Legacy" as a military super-weapon and tries to escape with his girlfriend, their attempt fails and Eliel (Josh's girlfriend) is turned into the most powerful "Legacy" of them all code named E.O.E. Now how is that for a plot??

The voice acting is not bad at all, in fact if I am not mistaken the main character sounds very much like the guy who voiced Raiden in MGS2. The other side characters definitely have some issues as they sound like a third rate Matrix rip off. Which isn't too bad as the game has sort of a Matrix feel because the bad guys are called Agents and the game has the futuristic hacker feel that the Matrix induced.

The battle system takes getting used to at first, for instance you have a collection of weapons that you earn throughout the game. You start off with basic attacks and combos using your fist and legs, of course duh! Then after you obtain "Legacy" you have some glowing rods of destruction. You can lock on with the L2 button which is also used to block attacks, this sounds tedious but trust me it works. The combos are unique in that you can string them with different weapons for instance, you can be throwing a punch combo and directly in the middle of it switch to your glowing blue staff and continue the combo for multiple hits and so on. For each boss you defeat you gain another elemental weapon such as water and fire. I love the battle system it just takes time getting used to it.

Should you buy this game? Well that depends on how much you like this style of gaming. If you enjoy martial arts combat with some weapons thrown in, you are in heaven. If you crave a new beat 'em up game with some innovation involved then you should definitely check it out. If you enjoyed Sword of the Berserk for DC then this is your game. Otherwise you may want to make it a blockbuster night. : Playstation 2 : Eve Of Extinction
Review : Action

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