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Game Info
Master Of Bushido review
Crave Entertainment
Crave Entertainment
Kengo Master Of Bushido
By: ZeroTolerance

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You guys remember Bushido Blade don't ya? Sure ya do because you are hardcore gamers right?

Well whether you remember this fine title and its sequel is irrelevant because Bushido Blade this game is not. Now you say does that make it no good? Well judge for yourself as I point out this game's ups and downs.

Visually the game looks pretty good. High resolutions and detailed characters add flavor to the title. The backgrounds are quite stunning and highly detailed. Now the sad part...the animation is how we say?..."Not all that!" This game has some questionable animation to say the least. Your character sometimes does things that you didn't even know he did until it is over...where is that 128-Bit animation? I dunno!

Hmmm I am thinking about it, yup there was some sound. Yes the sound isn't quite there, as a matter of fact the game is almost like one of those old black and white movies without sound, tis quiet in this here game. The music? Hmmm once again nothing to write home about.

Now here is where the Bushido Blade reference comes into play. This game almost mirrors the control scheme of BB. Down to changing the position of your sword and defense. The single player game has a few training missions that add flavor, but nothing close to keeping your attention more than a few days. Multi-player is how we say..."Boring!"

Overall I don't recommend spending that hard earned 50 bucks on this one. There are much better fighting games on this system. A slow and not so fun title that will be a worthy 19.99 purchase in the years to come. Definitely rent first! : Playstation 2 : Kengo
Review : Fighting

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