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Game Info

Sierra Studios
By: Green Mitama

Once known as Kat's Tale, this game is going to be incredible..No Doubt hehehe

In the war between good and evil a little pigtailed wanna-be goddess has died. Now you may say who cares but thereís one slight hitch: it seems she may have unwittingly released a god whose hell-bent on destroying the world. Do you think sheís gonna get off without having to clean up her mess? No way!

This is the opening to Malice, a new platform action/adventure game developed by Argonaut and Sierra for the X-box and the PS2. Set for a release later this fall, Malice looks to be a cool little surreal game, dark and humorous with lots of action and puzzle solving.. The star of the game is Malice, a spunky little girl in red pigtails with huge green eyes, clad in jeans and a t-shirt with a NO symbol on it. Just what Iíve been waiting for: a female lead whoís more the disaffected teen than a buxom, well, you know.... Sorry guys, no sex-object here, just a girl with massive attitude.

Think I am cute?  Just test me bitch!

In the game Malice will be sent back to clean up her mess - it saves Death from having to deal with her. She must restart and power-up the Orrery, the giant machine that turns the universe, and travel through elemental portals to the past, present and future in order to become powerful enough to defeat Nefarious Rex, the giant hound-god bent on setting the world afire. Along the way, Malice will go through four transformations, including a cat, in order to become the goddess that can defeat Rex. She will also master five elemental magics: earth, water, fire, metal and wood. And, lest we forget, Malice will be getting some kick-ass weapons: the Mace of Clubs, the Clockwork Hammer and the Quantum Tuning Fork - all deliciously over-sized. Each weapon will have its own abilities and certain elemental magic that it works better with; but as hilarious and awesome as the Clockwork Hammer looks, the Quantum Tuning Fork is her most powerful weapon able to actually disrupt all of the elemental magic it encounters.

The game promises to have 22 non-linear levels in which Malice may freely roam. In fact you may find yourself stuck in one area only to realize that you need to go to another timeline/elemental area to find your solution. And changing events in one timeline will affect whatís going on in others. But remember our heroine. Being that she is Malice, you might find her solutions often create more problems.

So far we have been let in on four friends and four enemies - aside from the aforementioned Rex. Your friends include the Siren Tree whom you must defend from the JuJu Man, a Witch who sends you out on errands, the Bird Resistance who are fighting the Crows, and the Glo Wuríms. Your enemies include the JuJu Man, the Crows who are also able to travel the timelines and are insane to boot, the Clockwork Head Eater who lives in the Clockwork Maze, and the Mutation. All odd and surreal, but this adds to the dark little world that Malice travels through.

Both versions of the game are being developed simultaneously. The X-Box version will boast great graphics and a Shadowcaster engine that will create real-time shadows from multiple lighting effects, as well as bump-mapping. The PS2 version will boast extra levels of gameplay for Malice to work through.

Thereís only one point Iím disappointed by so far. No Doubt will be voicing the characters in the game. Having heard Gwen Stefanieís voice over work, itís not as bad as I thought it would be, but I would have been happier if our regular disaffected-girl Voice Actor, Melissa Fahn aka ďGazĒ from Invader Zim and ďRikaĒ from Digimon Tamers, had been called upon to lend her voice to our tough little heroine. But itís not to be. No Doubt will also be featured in a number of the musical selections in the game, and if youíve seen the trailer of the game, youíve heard them playing in the background.

All-in-all, Iím drooling in anticipation of this game. Iíve been waiting for a heroine like Malice - and frankly I canít wait to whomp something with that hammer!



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