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Game Info
Grandia Xtreme

Playstation 2
Game Arts
Grandi Xtreme
By: AxtuseGrimfist

Enix brings over the super hyped Grandia Xtreme to the US!

Grandia: Xtreme is the 3rd extention from the illustrious Grandia series. But my friends, times change...and this game is no exception. Usually Grandia involves an epic quest of mystery and intrigue, but Grandia: Xtreme puts more emphasis on the exploration of dungeons (I'll cover that shorty) and battles. The world is under siege by evil spirits. It is discovered that the disappearance of the four magical Spirit Runes is the source of the spirits' chaotic behavior. In this game, you assume the role of Evan, an 18-year old male Bounty Hunter (a Geohound perhaps?), on an epic quest to restore order to his tainted world. He'll join up with seven other characters that will aid him on his journey to restore the runes to their rightful places.

There are four major dungeons where the runes must be taken to: the Nest of the Soil Dragon, the Mountain of Reversal Wind, the Eye of the Fire Cloud, and the Water of Life. Each of these dungeons will challenge the player with extensive puzzles and hordes of demons. Here's the catchy part, after you complete a dungeon, you get to re-enter a more difficult version with the rewards of great treasure. (Hmmmm.....tantalizing, tell me more Axtuse!) OK! As I stated earlier the game revolves around the dungeons and battles. So there won't be much emphasis on the story, which really sucks...

Grandia Xtreme's battle system is a modified version of Grandia II's battle system. The same great system applies, where the IP Gauge determines the order of attack, and you still have the [combo of critical] attacks that add a strategy element to the fights. But now there are two new features called the [Synchronized Flash System] and the [Union Technique] These functions allow the characters to unleash a variety of combo techniques. And even the ability system got a face-lift (As long as I don't have to spend those stupid ability coins again). Also the abilities and Mana Eggs are now more adapted to the characters themselves, which is a nice little additive to the game play.

The texture of the graphics and character sprites are almost identical to that of Grandia II's. While they are smooth and detailed, they aren't anything special, but thankfully the landscapes are still beautifully done. The music score was composed by Noriyuki Iwadare, the mastermind behind the scores for both Grandia and Lunar series. And he still lives up to his prestige with another great track.

Grandia: Xtreme looks to be very promising game, but isn't going to be a total interest to hardcore RPGers who look for a captivating story line. This game should tickle the fancy of a good deal of those RPGers who look for more bite than bark. All in all Grandia: Extreme looks to be an interesting installment to this exquisite series...

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