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Game Info
Tao Feng
Fist Of The Lotus
Studio Gigante
Tao Feng Fist Of The Lotus
By: ZeroTolerance

In the realm of fighting games no title turns as many heads as Mortal Kombat. In fact just mention the game and you will get a plethora of opinions on the aging franchise.

Sure MK has had it's ups (Mortal Kombat 2) and downs (MK Special Forces) but the one thing that remains true to this day is that no matter how hard you try you will never forget about this game. Since the release of MK4 the two originators have gone their separate ways and continued to work on fighting games. Ed Boon recently finished up his excellent MK Deadly Alliance and the other half of the dynamic duo is working on our feature story for the day. The XBox exclusive brawler Tao Feng Fist Of The Lotus. Sure the name could use some work but the game will speak for itself in March of this year so let's take a look at the game that may end up de-throning MK!

The first thing to mention about Tao Feng is that it is being developed solely for the XBox console, this allows Studio Gigante to make it the best looking fighter available. With the technology of the XBox console Tobias and company have been able to make fighters that are so realistic it's scary. The animation is stellar, the environments breath taking, and the frame rate is as smooth as ice. Taking the visuals one step further Tao Feng allows for something promised but not delivered in MK DA, rippable (is that a word?) clothing. As the fight progresses you can tear at your opponent's attire, how far and how much clothing you can remove is unknown but honestly I hope it's not all of it, the one big dude naked gives me nightmares. Another truly cool feature is the ability to break your opponent's limbs. This can hinder them unable to perform certain special moves as well as nulling the use of that particular appendage.

The environments also play a huge role in this game. You can use poles to swing off of and glass to smash your opponents into. Making use of the environment will play a key role in victory in Tao Feng. Speaking of level design have you seen this game? If not download the movie contained in this preview and just look at the massive detail being thrown into this title. You can see reflections, bump mapping, gorgeous textures, I mean it's unreal. This could easily turn out to be the best looking fighter in history.

To move onto the story of Tao Feng, ahem hehe. If you have ever played MK, and who hasn't, then you can probably almost guess the storyline. It involves two factions, good and evil (never heard that one before) the "dark" side is knows as Black Mantis and the good guys are coming at ya as Pale Lotus. The game takes place in New China and the two factions are hell bent on fighting each other to the death...sound familiar? OK all kidding aside the storyline of any fighting game is pretty much irrelevant unless you are a die hard fan. Honestly I hope this game has the same heart and soul that was poured into MK's storyline so the internet fanboys can have fun dissecting it and taking it too seriously, that truly entertains me!

The meat and bones of any brawler is the gameplay and Tao Feng takes fighting games to a place they have never been before. The ability to hinder one's appendages useless is a unique twist on a genre that fails to innovate anymore. Add that to the environmental aspects, 12 deadly characters, rippable (once again is that a word?) clothing, and a truly stylized look and feel Tao Feng could end up being the best thing to happen to fighting games since..well since Mortal Kombat. Here's to hoping the game can surpass even my high expectations and surprise the gaming world come March. This is ZT sayin' "Finish H...oh waitaminit!!"



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