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Game Info
The Legend Of Zelda
Wind Waker
The Legend Of Zelda : Wind Waker
By: ZeroTolerance

The greatest thing I remember about being a child was innocence. You were kept away from the media, the internet wasn't invented, and your friends for the most part enjoyed the same things you did.

Gaming was also pure back then, no one cared about bump mapping, cel shading, and all of that technical shit. All we cared about was beating Wily's second stage before having to go to bed. We wrote passwords down on napkins so we could continue our game the next day. Those were the best times for gaming, now it is an industry driven by money. We want to kill people in our games and if their intestines don't look real take it back Jack! This brings me to my subject at hand, Zelda: The Wind Waker. As long as gaming has been around the subtle greatness that is Nintendo still brings out the child in me and now that I have extensive time to sit down with Miyamoto's latest masterpiece I am ready to share some childhood memories. Let's begin shall we?

I want to start off by saying to all of those upset with the new looks Zelda has taken on to kiss my ass and quit gaming. Do you remember playing Link to the Past? Did Link look like anything but a cartoon? Did you not feel his expression when he got attacked by Zora? I mean for crying out loud the game is fantasy and the new look suits it better than any before it. Seeing the expressions on his face are some of the best moments I have had gaming in a long time and it makes me remember being young and innocent. The new looks allows for some visual effects that are absolutely astonishing such as animated fire, it reminds me of watching old Saturday morning cartoons. The worlds are vibrant and full of color making this game just as pleasing to look at as it is to play. Animations are superb, enemy designs are amazing, and once again I cannot stress how much I love seeing Link's expressions when creeping along a wall, fighting, or just looking around.

If you played Ocarina of Time (and who didn't?) then you know what to expect as far as gameplay is concerned. The layout is almost identical except that instead of using the c-buttons you now use the X and Y buttons for other items. Link can crawl along floors and through holes as well as swing off of lamp posts and shimmy along walls Solid Snake style. Of course as with any Zelda game you can pick up jars and such to throw at opponents or simply break in your quest for rupees. Unlike previous Zelda titles this one also adds some flavor to the already established formula. Stealth missions where sneaking and hiding are imperative as well as riding your boat from island to island while looking for sunken treasure are just some of the new aspects this time around. Add this to the ability to link up with your GBA for some two player scavenger hunting and this game packs hours upon hours of enjoyment for any gamer.

The combat system is almost a carbon copy of OoT and this is assuredly not a bad thing. Using the shoulder buttons to lock onto enemies while strafing around them is common knowledge to Zelda aficionados. The only complaint I have is that when an enemy dies you get a slight pause, sort of letting you know they are dead. It was the only thing that annoyed me about the version we got to test. Link retains many of the items that have surfaced over the years such as the hookshot and the boomerang, although now you can target multiple enemies with the boomerang for some combo action. Boss fights are absolutely amazing and require the traditional learning of the patterns philosophy made so famous in past adventure games.

On top of stellar visuals and amazing gameplay lies the sound, and boy does it rock. Link sounds just as good as ever and the music is to die for. OK maybe that is a little over-optimistic but when I heard the original select music in the main menu I turned to putty. The world music is sort of river-dance-ish..err I guess that could be a description and of course a new mix of the popular theme resides here as well. Overall the sounds are enough to envoke tears of nostalgia.

When this game hits on March 24th the world of gaming will once again be in for a treat. As if Metroid Prime, Mario Sunshine, StarFox Adventures, Animal Crossing, and Mario Party were not reason enough to own a Cube Zelda comes along and practically forces you into Nintendo's hands. Add all of this to the fact that you get a version of Ocarina of Time and Ocarina of Time Master Quest for the Cube free when you pre-purchase Wind Waker makes it more than worth your 50 bones. Expect a full review in the next month or so but for now find a way to play this game, it will change how you feel about the way it looks!



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