Learn how to make video games

If you dream about making video games for a living then you should consider getting an education focused towards game production. Below you will find links to a few schools we have partnered with that can offer programs and courses that will prepare you for a career in the game industry. We highly recommend that you fill out their online forms, so they can send you a free information packaged about their programs and courses. This information is vital for anyone who is serious about getting an education geared towards digital game development.

Game Design Tools and Game Makers

If you don’t want to program your games from scratch, there are plenty of programs and editors out there that can be of help. We have put together this list of programs, making it easier to find the program that is right for your game projects.

What kind of Game Jobs can I get?

Today developing a game involves a lot more than just programming. As game projects has become more and more complex new types of job opportunities has emerged. We have written a short guide to the different types of jobs that can be found at most of today’s game companies.
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