Game Discovery was first launched May 2000 as Internets first real game site dedicated to Game Ideas. We made a deal with Spider-Man AS, Norway’s leading game store and held a monthly Best and Worst Game Idea contest together with Spider-Man AS where we gave away great prizes. The concept became a mega hit and soon our inbox was loaded with Game Ideas from gamers all over the world. The interest for Game Discovery grew and we soon had hundreds of Game Ideas presented at the website.
This caught the attention of the game development community, even big name game companies had to take the visit to see what it was all about. Game Discovery became a useful resource for hobby game developers from all corners of Cyberspace, who where looking for ideas and inspiration. Together with CDSoftware we introduced Project OGDE – Online Game Development for Everybody. The idea behind OGDE was to make a game together with the gamers. Gamers could submit their own music, characters and monster sketches and different material that would be used in the game. All submitted material would be presented at the website so people could follow the development of the game and see their material actually being used in a game.

It seemed like the perfect concept but instead it all ended in total chaos for the small Game Discovery staff. We received new Game Ideas faster than we could manage to review them and OGDE turned out the be quite the job to operate, and the site was not exactly great from a technical point of view either. All Game Ideas had to be uploaded to the site by the staff using a very time consuming process. We were all new to the art of web design back then, and we didn’t know of any other way. The result was that we had to temporary shut the website down until we came up with a better solution.

We started to draw idea maps over how we wanted the new Game Discovery site to be. After a couple of months with brainstorming we had a real gem of a game site in front of us…on paper. The only problem was that we hadn’t a clue about how to actually make the damn thing. The solution could be found in our local bookstore, and with a bag full of computer bibles, ASP, SQL, Access, yeah we got them all, we went home and started the coding. We read…we coded…read some more…coded some more…made huge mistake and had to read a lot more…and code a lot more. Days turned into weeks, weeks into months, and months into years…well 1 year and 4 months to be exact. And we are now proud to present a next generation gaming site that will change the meaning of the word gaming site forever! Ok, got a bit carried away there but here is the deal…

GD Game Idea
An ever-growing database of Game Ideas submitted by gamers. Every gamer seems to have a Game Idea and this is the place to submit it. GD Game Ideas continues to be the best and biggest resource for Game Ideas on the net. Complete with a Game Idea search engine so you more easily can find the type of Game Ideas you are looking for. Daily visited by both amateur and professional game developers who are looking for ideas or inspiration.

GD Game Development
Based on our old OGDE concept, Game Discovery presents low budget game productions where everybody is welcome to join. Gamers can upload their own composed game music, character and monster sketches or whatever material is needed for each project. All submitted material will be available at the website for other people to see. The lead game designer for each project will regularly surf the submitted material and use what he see fits his project. Material that has been used in someway will get its status code changed, so everybody can see that it has been used. This is both fun and exciting for gamers who have contributed with material. It is also a great way for amateur development teams to promote their projects. All used material will be credited.

GD News&Reviews
After the merger with ZTGameDomain.com we can now also present hardcore game reviews and gaming news for all latest game systems. ZTGD has been around since 1996, which also makes it one of the oldest gaming sites on the net. GD News&Reviews is run by ZT and his crew of hardcore gamers, which basically means it’s one of the better review sites out there.

GD Cheats
GD Cheats strives hard to become the best resource for game cheats. At GD cheats you can find all the best game cheats and walkthroughs on the net by searching our ever-growing cheat database that contains thousands of cheat links.